At Bourbon Central, we aim to offer a wealth of information and resources about American whiskeys, with a special focus on bourbon, the whiskey with a distinctly American heritage.

We write about bourbon and other whiskeys for not only the connoisseur, but also the newly initiated, casually curious, and bartenders-in-training.

Come here for discussion and resources about bourbon:

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  • Recipes (Food & Cocktails)
  • Industry News (e.g. new limited releases)
  • Where To Buy
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  • Distillers & Brands
  • History & Production
  • Visiting Bourbon country
  • …and ANYTHING of interest to bourbon and American whiskey enthusiasts!

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While by no means a footnote-heavy scholar on the matter, I have been drinking and collecting bourbon and other American whiskeys for nearly a decade.

Bourbon Central was started as a way for me to put my enthusiasm about whiskey into words and share it in a light-hearted, easily accessible way.

So if you’re new to bourbon or whiskey in general, pull up a chair, we have a lot to talk about

And if you’re wise in the ways of sour mash, charred white oak, and the angels’ share, jump on board, you’re in good company! I reckon there’s always something to learn from other well-practiced whiskey drinkers.


Born in Seattle, I moved to Southern California at a young age and lived there until high school. In 1985, I moved to Northern Virginia, just outside of our Nations Capital.

As a bourbon enthusiast I know just enough about bourbon to be dangerous. I have a passion for bourbon and enjoy collecting limited release and out of production bourbons. My taste’s lean toward wheated mashbills but I find that I enjoy just about all bourbons.