Buy Bourbon Online

If you aren’t in Kentucky or one of the 5 biggest cities in the U.S., buying bourbon whiskey can sometimes be difficult! Why?

  • Many states do not allow shipment of alcohol direct to the customer, because a number of post-Prohibition rules about distribution of liquor are still in place.
  • Some liquor retailers have ventured into online ordering, but usually just within their home state.
  • Even at brick & mortar stores, it can be hard to find anything besides the mass market brands.

So what are your options???

First, check here at Bourbon Central for information on how to buy whiskey online.

Right now, our favorite online merchant for bourbon is Wine Globe. While the name would make you think they only sell wine, also has a fairly broad selection with very good pricing for online. Additionally, they ship to most states in the U.S. and internationally as well. Check them out:

Click Here to Shop for Bourbon Online banner, click here
Click Here to Shop for Bourbon Online

If you use the coupon code “wgfsga“, you can get free shipping for orders over $100.

In addition to providing you some ideas of what online retailers to use, we will also point you to noteworthy eBay auctions, which is especially good for hunting out discontinued bourbons or finding those collectible limited editions.

See below to get started hunting for bourbon on eBay —

We have provided you a list of bourbon whiskeys available on eBay right now. Be sure to check the shipping terms of each auction before placing a bid.