The Dusty Hunt – Part 1

By Brbnizgud

If you’re dusty hunting in your home you’re probably spending an afternoon cleaning the house. If you’re a bourbon enthusiast and dusty hunting, you’re more than likely lurking in some seedy downtown liquor store looking for that special “dusty” bottle of bourbon.

Dusty hunting can be described as looking for that out of production bottle of bourbon that once found elevates the heart and respiration rate as the excitement of finding such a gem is realized. Holding the bottle in your hand, turning it over and looking for those special markings that give tell tale signs of what you now hold is something special. That’s right, an older bottle of bourbon has markings that will give away its heritage, age and many times the goodness that resides on the inside.

While finding that special bottle is terrific, that’s only half of the game. The other half is the actual hunt. Moving from store to store scouring the shelves for bottles that are no longer in production, just sitting there waiting for someone to notice it. The whole process is an exciting one for the true enthusiast.

In the articles that follow, we’ll go through the information you will need to be truly educated in the art of dusty hunting. With this information, you will notice bottles that once eluded your gaze but now jump out and scream “I’m here….buy me!”

In part 2, we’ll discuss the specifics of what to look for on bottles that give away their true value to the enthusiast such as the glass bottle itself; the label; the cap; and sometimes, the lack of information says it all.

Read on to Part 2

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